The Trump administration is moving ahead with a plan to revamp the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters.

A Department of Justice official told reporters Monday that included in the White House’s infrastructure plan, there is a line item of $2.175 billion for construction of a “modern and secure FBI building.”

That amount would be added to money the FBI had already allotted and is holding onto for the project, bringing the total to $3.3 billion.

Congress still has to approve the White House's infrastructure plan, and won't approve it entirely in any case, but lawmakers could include parts of it in the spending bills they approve.

In July, the Trump administration cancelled a search spearheaded by the Obama administration to find a new FBI headquarters.

Built in the 1970s, the J. Edgar Hoover Building is crumbling and often criticized as an eyesore in downtown Washington.

The money requested by the Trump administration would pay to demolish the old headquarters and put displaced staff in new space until the new building is complete

"Crumbling facades, aging infrastructure, physical, structural and security limitations in the degraded facility all are severely impeding the FBI’s ability to meet its critical law enforcement and national security missions," the General Services Administration said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee told the Washington Examiner the GSA has submitted a plan for the new FBI headquarters to replace the J. Edgar Hoover Building and is currently reviewing it.

A Senate hearing will be held Feb. 28 to receive testimony from both the GSA and FBI on the new building.

The FBI had no comment.