The Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., garnered hundreds of reviews over the weekend that called the property a "shithole" after the president reportedly used the term while talking about immigration from specific nations last week.

The flood of reviews comes days after it was reported that Trump used the term "shithole" to describe Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries while discussing immigration with Republican lawmakers.

"Under no circumstances should you ever stay at this hotel. It is a total shithole. Bigly. Believe me. Not fake news. The biggest shithole ever," one Yelp user wrote on the page.

Yelp added an alert at the top of Trump hotel pages that reads, "This business is being monitored by Yelp's support team for content related to media reports."

"We've placed an active clean up alert on Trump hotel listings," Yelp told the Washington Examiner.

As the pages undergo the elimination of reviews that appear to be written by people other than "first hand customers," it is unclear how many reviews still stand. However, CNN reported nearly 800 reviews that used the term "shithole" were posted to Trump's D.C. hotel page by Monday.

"Our goal is to be transparent with the actions we take to protect the quality of content on our site, preserve consumers’ freedom of speech, and shield businesses from online harassment," Yelp said.