Since Donald Trump announced his presidential bid last June, he has stunned politicos and the press with his ability to continually gain public support for the nomination, but a new poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal indicates he's not just doing well, he's thriving beyond anyone's expectations.

The self-funded billionaire had the biggest jump in support — both in points and percentage growth — according a poll that asked likely GOP voters who they could see themselves supporting: from 23 percent last March to 65 percent this month, according to the new data.

Only two candidates had higher favorability ratings: Senators Ted Cruz at 71 and Marco Rubio at 67.

But the second- and third-ranked GOP presidential candidates, according to the Washington Examiner's power rankings, started out last March with 40 and 56 percent support, respectively.

The majority of GOP candidates have gained support since the poll was rolled out last year with four exceptions: Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.