President Trump on Friday reiterated calls for Americans to unite in order to "heal divisions from within," but made no reference to fighting racism nearly two weeks after a deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

"We come from all different walks of life – but we all share the same dream – to live in peace and safety, to work with honor and dignity, and to build a better future for those we love," Trump said in his weekly address.

Trump spent the earlier part of the week visiting with troops at Fort Myer in Virginia and veterans at the American Legion National Convention in Reno, Nev.

"Every person who puts on the uniform makes our nation proud. They all come from across our land. They represent every race, ethnicity, and creed," Trump said, repeating a line from his Afghanistan announcement on Monday. "But they all pledge the same oath, fight for the same cause, and operate as one team – with one shared sense of purpose."

"Now, we must draw inspiration from their love and loyalty to one another – and to our nation," Trump added.

A number of Trump's advisory councils have been disbanded or seen members resign since the Charlottesville incident where a car was driven into a crowd of counter protesters and killed one woman and injured 19 others.

A number of those who left the councils cited Trump's response to a white nationalist rally where counter-protesters also gathered around a Confederate monument in Charlottesville. Trump said racism has no place in America, but has hesitated to settle on a rebuke against the specific groups at the rally. In a number of statements over the course of days following the Aug. 12 incident, his statements evolved and he blamed both groups of protesters for the deadly attack.

Trump has dismissed the resignations as company leaders being "embarrassed" that they make products outside the U.S. despite their being on a task force that advocates for U.S. jobs and economic issues.

On Friday, he insisted Americans come together to "achieve this dream."

"But we must first remember who we are and the values that bind us together. We must speak out against the voices that try to sow hatred and division. We must treat our fellow citizens with love and affection. And we must honor our heroes – and prove worthy of the sacrifice they have made for all of us," Trump said.