The driving force behind President Trump's decision to ramble angrily about the violent rallies that rocked Charlottesville, Va. during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon appeared to be his intense frustration with the media.

For conservatives, that frustration is familiar.

One can reasonably believe white nationalists are despicable bigots and also believe the media neglected to hold far-left groups accountable for their share of recent political violence. This sentiment was expressed by Trump himself during the press conference. It can be infuriating to endure days of lopsided news cycles, and the pull to focus on bad coverage can be strong.

But sometimes we allow that impulse to distract us.

With the country still mourning the loss of life in Charlottesville, still processing the images of white nationalists rallying with tiki torches, Tuesday was not the time for the president of the United States to rail against the media. Trump's regrettable decision to be distracted by his intense frustration with the press should serve as a reminder to us all. It is incumbent upon conservatives to hold journalists accountable for unfair coverage, but sometimes there are even bigger fish to fry.

For the president, Tuesday was one such occasion.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.