Always quotable Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon answered a few questions after today’s press conference announcing Maryland’s move to the Big Ten.

On hearing the news

“My first reaction was like every Maryland fan – Are you kidding me? What’s going on here?” Turgeon said. “I think we had to do it. My last line in my interview to Kevin Anderson was, ‘I’m not going to fund raise.’ Well, that’s all I’ve done is fund raise since I’ve been here. Hopefully down the road those days are over.”

“We’re leaving one great conference and going to another. I came to be the basketball coach at Maryland. It’s a great job no matter what league we’re in. We’re gonna do great things no matter what league we’re in. That doesn’t matter for me.”

“Doctor Loh is a very smart man as he showed today, showed great leadership. I think was more about the university than the athletic department.”

On not playing Duke and North Carolina anymore:

“Those are two great teams, but you’re adding Michigan State and Indiana, some really good schools too. It’s gonna take time, for all of us to digest it. But there’s no turning back now. We’re gonna be a Big Ten member. I’m gonna miss the ACC and those games. We’ve got a couple more years to try to enjoy it.”

On how it will effect recruiting

“Don’t know that yet. Maryland’s a great job, a great spot, a gr:eat program. We have the same mission – that is to be great. We’re on our way. We don’t expect this to slow us down in any way.”