Here is how TV is remembering the deadly mass shooting a year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

In the week leading up to Saturday’s grim anniversary, the Big Three networks and basic cable coughed up 149 acts of violence, 104 examples of gun violence, and 39 gun deaths. And that was in their featured entertainment shows, not the news.

According to a study from the Media Research Center, there were at least 145 acts of violence in just 14 of the highest-rated dramas.

“Of those, at least 101 involved guns, resulting in at least 39 gun deaths,” said MRC. “‘At least’ is a necessary qualification because three of the shows, ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ featured long, multi-participant gun battles,” they added.

“Though Hollywood loves to pat itself on the back for helping to affect social change it likes, it never wants to take credit for impacting the culture for the worse. Certainly that’s the case with gun violence,” said the MRC study.

Oh, in case some might think MRC included gratuitous killings, they reported: “On ‘The Walking Dead,’ zombie killings weren’t counted – just violence between humans. In that one episode alone, there were 20 violent deaths, including two by samurai sword (one a beheading) and several by hand grenade.”

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