President Obama and other Washington politicians are getting a bum rap on TV news as money-grubbers and power-grabbers, views the president's former top speechwriter calls lies, especially those aimed at his former boss.

Jon Favreau told students at Harvard University's Institute of Politics that TV portrays political leaders wrongly, and that the public ends up with a bad view of those in power.

"I think that a lot of people turn on the news today, a lot of young people, and they hear people tell them that every motivation of every politician on either side of the aisle is purely cynical and that they are doing everything they do for their own self-interests -- either make money or get power," Favreau said.

But, he pleaded, "I know that's a lie and I know it's a lie because of the people I've worked with over the last eight years and I know it's a lie because of the president I worked for."