Q: Loved the premiere of "Emily Owens, M.D." except for one thing -- the excessive commercial breaks. Honestly, every five minutes there was a commercial break. I was able to switch channels and watch much of the presidential debate that was broadcast as the same time. Are there any regulations limiting how much time goes to ads? Why were there so many? -- Kate, 47, Scott Township, Pa.

A: There are no regulations on advertising, but the standard amount in a one-hour drama in recent years has been 18 to 20 minutes of commercial time, with most TV shows clocking in with 42 minutes of program time.

I went back and checked my "Emily Owens" screener and it ran about 42:50, making it right on target with most TV shows today. Now, it's possible the way the commercials were spaced gave an appearance of more commercial time than usual, but the show itself had a pretty typical running time from what I can tell.

Q: I watch the Fox News Channel medical show at 10 a.m. Sunday. There was a medical doctor, Isadore Rosenfeld, who always had a 20-minute medical segment on the show. He has been replaced by two other doctors. Has Dr. Rosenfeld retired? -- Gerry, Pleasant Hills, Pa.

A: It appears that he departed the program in late 2011. A farewell tribute to the doctor aired last December.

Q: Is there any possibility of the CW shows being offered on demand from Comcast? I have no problem catching up with the shows I miss online, but the on-demand feature is just easier, and most of the other major networks are already included. -- Colleen, 27, Pittsburgh

A: Every network has a different strategy for which platforms it will make its programs available on. A few years ago, CW only made its shows available on its own website. Then the availability was expanded to Hulu. Now previous seasons of CW shows are also on Netflix.

The CW just announced it was adding its shows to Comcast on demand in the past few months.