A lack of control over company cars has the Inspector General for the Tennessee Valley Authority second-guessing costs.

The audit, which covered fiscal years 2010 and 2011, shows the TVA struggled to keep records on vehicle allowances given to employees, as well as use of company vehicles.

With 2,900 cars available for any TVA employee to use, TVA still paid $648,050 in vehicle allowances to 65 employees - or money to use instead of using an assigned car or another way to travel - in 2011. This amount rose to $666,750 in 2012.

A total of $9.66 million in month fees occurred with the cars program in 2011.

TVA failed to track if users of the vehicles could really claim "business need" with them, in addition to who exactly used the company cars.

In the report, the management of the car system was only able to provide 16 of the 200 requested forms. 66 were not available, 62 were missing and 56 were not maintained since they were from prior to 2008.

Though TVA had not taken any cost saving measures, the IG estimated savings of $150k per year could occur with better management.

TVA officials agreed with the recommendations and has already taken steps to correct the faults. Go here to read the full report.