Sometimes, when President Trump randomly pops off with a rant on Twitter, you wonder why he chose a particular topic. Sometimes it has to do with something he saw on television. Sometimes, it might just be at random.

But then you have this interesting case. On July 26, Trump came right out of the blue with some nasty words for his then-acting FBI director, Andrew McCabe. It seemed a bit bizarre and passive-aggressive, considering that Trump had not long ago chosen to keep McCabe in that role after he fired James Comey.

And then this.

Today, we learned that on that very same morning, just hours before these tweets (containing mostly inaccurate information about McCabe, by the way), former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's home had been raided by the FBI. Their search warrant was related to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the Trump campaign's ties to Russia. It's hard to argue that the timing of those tweets is just a matter of chance.

Manafort, as was known even last year, has extensive ties to the Kremlin. More recently it was reported that he is millions of dollars in debt to a Russian oligarch tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When the Russia investigation began, it seemed likely that it would delve mostly into possible wrongdoing by a few Trump subordinates, including Manafort and former national security adviser Mike Flynn. In that event, it probably would have been easy for Trump to distance himself and avoid the stain. Unless he's actually guilty of something related to the campaign, Trump's best card was simply to let the whole thing play out without putting thumbs on the scale that could later be considered part of a coverup.

But as the tweets above suggest, Trump just can't pass up a chance to involve himself in this whole affair. By the time of the FBI raid, he had already been disparaging Attorney General Jeff Sessions for about a week, specifically complaining that he won't interfere with the Russia investigation.

And with Wednesday's news of the July 26 Manafort raid, those two tweets above take on a new significance. Trump's addiction to Twitter, blamed for so many other problems, is genuinely undermining his presidency at this point.