Twinkies and President Obama have not been a sweet topic in the president's world.

Almost four years ago, after the rookie Illinois senator was elected president, a campaign to send Hostess Twinkies to his Senate office took off. The organizer said it was a "silly" effort to symbolically question taking Obama as president seriously.

But over 1,000 Twinkies were delivered, according to the lone site that covered the protest,, which reported:

The Obama Twinkie Extravaganza: A group that calls itself Freedom Outlaws has been running a Twinkies For Obama campaign, which urges people to send Twinkies to Barack's Senate office. It's the brainchild of one Bill St. Clair, a limited government theorist, who is very active in The Mental Militia, a huge online community for like-minded thinkers that describes itself as a site to 'confer in cyberspace and stimulate intellectual/psychological growth between ourselves as we discuss, argue, debate and celebrate the spectrum of Liberty-related premises and theories.

1,190 Twinkies have been sent to Barack's Senate office in the Hart Building in DC, according to the Twinkies For Obama site. From what we can gather, the flood of Twinkies is a symbolic protest against taking Barack seriously as President; in a chat thread on The New Hampshire Underground, St. Clair writes "It's pure silliness. Plain fun. Not serious....Of course, the subtext is that I don't consider Obama to be worthy of serious attention. Not that McCain would have been either."

Then there is first lady Michelle Obama's order that the president walk by the fried Twinkies booth at the Iowa State Fair. He told Iowans last August, "I think that I'm going to end at the state fair. Michelle has told me I cannot have a fried twinkie."