Former FBI Director James Comey might be back on Twitter.

A rare new tweet appeared on the account suspected to be Comey's Wednesday evening -- only the second one ever from user "Reinhold Niebuhr."

The tweet included a picture of a kayaker on water, with the caption: "Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson."

Back in March two reports, one by Gizmodo and another by the New Yorker, tied Comey to the account right after Comey revealed that he was secretly on Twitter and Instagram during a dinner event. That was before Comey was fired by President Trump in May.

A few journalists on Twitter noted the account's activity on Wednesday, heralding Comey's return to the Twitter scene.

The account's first and only other tweet was sent at the end of March, a day after Comey let slip that he was on social media. The account was then made private.

Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times explained that although the Twitter handle associated with the account today, @FormerBu, is different from the one found in March, @projectexile7, he knew the account was the same as he followed it months ago.

Further adding fuel to the speculation was Benjamin Wittes, who is a friend of Comey. He would not confirm that the account was Comey's, but said Wednesday that he convinced the account holder to unlock it.

The Reinhold Niebuhr account follows only 29 other accounts, including Wittes, the FBI, a number of journalists, and various media outlets.