Truth on Twitter does not seem to count for much.

When Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., recently announced her run for the open Senate seat in Tennessee, she noted her 100 percent pro-life record and how she took on Planned Parenthood to end the sale of fetal body parts. And that bothered the social media giant, leading the company to ban it from promoted tweets. A Twitter representative told Blackburn's staff that her spot was flagged for potentially evoking a "strong, negative reaction."

As it should.

Dissecting pre-born babies who died in abortions to sell their hearts, legs, brains, and other body parts is disturbing. Yet it's interesting that for Twitter, the preference was to hide the horrific reality of Planned Parenthood's behavior by trying to prevent the pro-life Blackburn from talking about her advocacy for the unborn rather than censor Planned Parenthood.

And in fact, Blackburn's statement is true. As the New York Times reported in the days following the release of shocking undercover videos from David Daleiden's Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood did stop taking money for their barbaric human trafficking in broken bodies.

But don't tell Twitter; they may swoon. One wonders how their stomachs would fare when faced with contents of the videos, given their squeamishness over a comment about ending such barbarity.

This argument, that a display could offend someone or cause emotional distress is a common one used against those engaged in the pro-life cause, including to many of our Students for Life groups.

Last year, a student at Washington State University destroyed a "Cemetery of the Innocents" display on his campus, which was representing the voices silenced by abortion, because he said seeing it upset him. According to the Daily Evergreen, "Pro-abortion rights student Keaton Aspell got out of class around 10:30 a.m. and was on his way to the bus stop when he saw the pink crosses sticking out of the grass. ... Aspell said he was disgusted and angered by the display, believing the crosses represented the religious aspect of the anti-abortion organization."

Northern Kentucky University must be one of the most hostile schools for pro-life views in the country. This year, students defaced our chalkings on campus by writing over them to change the message to a pro-abortion event. In 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2013, vandals at Northern Kentucky University destroyed a cemetery of crosses put up to commemorate lives lost to abortion.

A few weeks ago, our Students for Life group at George Mason University chalked messages of hope and healing for women facing an unplanned pregnancy or coping with an abortion. Members of pro-abortion groups such as NARAL were caught on video pouring water over the chalkings, with campus police claiming that defacing chalking is in fact a free speech right.

Marsha, we feel your pain because it happens to pro-life groups all the time. Pro-life politicians find their campaign ads censored. Pro-life students find their chalkings and displays destroyed. The hypocrisy of abortion-supporting companies is on full display in Twitter's reasoning, a company that apparently does not find racist, sexist, or over-the-top language much of a problem from celebrities on the A, B, C, or F lists.

Hopefully, the firestorm surrounding Twitter's fumble will lead to a little soul searching to understand why they were so offended for simply speaking about babies who were aborted and whose body parts were sold like property, yet accept advertising revenue from Planned Parenthood, the perpetrator of these horrific crimes against humanity.

Kristan Hawkins (@KristanHawkins) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. She is president of Students for Life of America.

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