It was a rough day for the crack reporters at SCOTUSblog.

SCOTUSblog, sponsored by Bloomberg Law, offers comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court, including oral-argument and opinion analysis, symposia with legal scholars and a live blog on decision days.

The website boasted over 50,000 visitors on its live blog when Monday's Hobby Lobby decision was handed down.

The SCOTUSblog staff have also won a Peabody Award for Excellence in Electronic Media, and the National Press Club’s Breaking News Award.

As of late Monday morning, dozens of Twitter users incorrectly cited SCOTUSblog's Twitter handle @SCOTUSblog as the official Twitter account of the United States Supreme Court.

Not to be subdued by the miscreants, the good sports at SCOTUSblog responded with a little snark of their own.

Even after the glib responses from SCOTUSblog, a handful of users still argued that @SCOTUSblog was the actual Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court has no official Twitter account.