A soft jab at the mostly male White House press corps from President Obama’s communications director sparked a surge of comments on Twitter, some noting that most of the president’s aides are men, including the very spokesmen those reporters are assigned to quiz every day.

“Love all these guys, but note that 6 of 7 news orgs in front row sent men to ask @pressec abt the problem of gender pay inequity,” tweeted Jennifer Palmieri on the day the president was pushing for gender pay equality.

“@JPalm44 And @pressec is a man. So is SecDef, SecState, Veep, POTUS, etc. So what's the point,” tweeted @sunnyright.

“maybe that's a good thing tho....men shld be concerned abt this as well. @pressec,” wrote @tanvi_madan.

“@JPalm44 Are you kidding? Are you suggesting they should have specifically sent women instead of the regular correspondents to make a point?” wrote @IStateYourName_.

“thanks for noticing,” tweeted Rosiland Jordan of Al Jazeera.

And @kyleangeletti wrote, “Right. Men shouldn't ask questions about issues facing women. That'll solve the problem.”

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