Twitter users had a message for CNN's White House reporter Jim Acosta on Wednesday: Stop complaining and go back to work.

Acosta has complained for days now about the White House decision not to televise many of the daily briefings with reporters.

He said Wednesday that the video of the daily briefing has been "banned by the USA" and said the White House's "near-total refusal to take briefing q's from CNN is becoming common practice."

But instead of sympathizing, many on Twitter said enough was enough and that Acosta should just move on to reporting the news and stop reporting on his personal battle with the White House.

A sample of how reporters, commentators and others have reacted:

The Daily Caller reported that Acosta's battle with the White House has turned him into a kitten "chasing the red laser pointer."

In response to an Acosta report that keeping the briefings off camera is an "erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the president," the snarky White House Press Corps Twitter account advised him to "try some old fashioned shoe leather reporting, @Acosta."

Others accused him of exaggerating his problems with the White House.

A simple Twitter search of the word "Acosta" brought up dozens of tweets, most of which criticized him for complaining about the White House's camera policy. Just a few defended him: