Social media giant Twitter is promising it will be more transparent with who is behind the ads people see following revelations that Russia used the messaging platform in an attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election.

In new policies revealed Tuesday, Twitter said it will create an "Advertising Transparency Center" that will allow users to see all ads being run on its platform. The new transparency effort will show the length the ads have been running, as well as who paid for them, how much they cost and who they were targeted toward.

Twitter will also require "electioneering advertisers to self-identify as such," and will put "stronger penalties for advertisers who violate policies" into effect. When a political ad is running, there will also be a new "visual political ad indicator."

The announcement came after weeks of increased scrutiny from Congress after the company revealed some 200 accounts had ties to Kremlin-linked troll farms.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation last week that would compel social media platforms to disclose more about paid online political ads. Twitter's general counsel will also go before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week to testify about Russia's influence via social media.

"We look forward to engaging with members of Congress and other key stakeholders on these issues as the legislative process continues," the company said Tuesday in a blog post.

"Of the roughly 450 accounts that Facebook recently shared as a part of their review, we concluded that 22 had corresponding accounts on Twitter. All of those identified accounts had already been or immediately were suspended from Twitter for breaking our rules," Twitter announced in a blog post last month. "In addition, from those accounts we found an additional 179 related or linked accounts, and took action on the ones we found in violation of our rules."