Twitter plans to notify individual users who were exposed to accounts run by Russians as part of their efforts to intervene in the 2016 election, the company said Wednesday.

Carlos Monje, Twitter’s director of public policy and philanthropy, told the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing that his company will be rolling out plans to inform each user in the near future.

“We will be working to identify and inform individually the users who may have been exposed to the IRA accounts during the election,” Monje told Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., referencing Russia's Internet Research Agency.

The Internet Research Agency, a “troll farm” located in St. Petersburg, Russia, created accounts on the social media site during the election, Twitter discovered. The company identified 2,752 accounts they found were tied to the Internet Research Agency last year, and suspended them.

Blumenthal sent letters to Twitter, Facebook, and Google in November asking them to notify users who interacted with content generated by Russian agents.

Since then, Facebook said it would be introducing a new tool to allow users to see if they interacted with such content or accounts run by Russian trolls before and after the 2016 election.