Mexico suffered a stunning World Cup defeat Sunday as the Netherlands managed to grab a 2-1 win with two late goals, advancing the orange-clad men's soccer team to the tournament quarterfinals.

And in honor of the Netherlands’ victory, the Royal Dutch Airlines Twitter account posted the following celebratory dig:

“Adios Amigos!” read the tweet, which also featured an Image of a man wearing a sombrero.

Unfortunately for the airline, the celebratory tweet was quickly deemed “offensive” -- even racist! -- by people who were more likely upset that Mexico lost its match.

In fact, the outcry against the “offensive” Image, which was re-tweeted more than 8,000 times, eventually prompted the airline to delete the offending message.

“It has not been our intent to hurt anyone's feelings with this tweet ... That's why we removed it,” the airline said. Obviously, because Twitter is for moral posturing, and all joking around ist verboten!