Two illegal immigrants in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have died over the past week, according to the federal agency. The deaths are the second and third since Oct. 1, the start of the 2017 fiscal year, putting ICE on pace to beat last year's record-high 10 total deaths.

Wenceslau Esmerio Campos, a 49-year-old Brazilian man, died on Nov. 25 at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, according to ICE. A preliminary analysis stated cardiac arrest led to his death. Campos first entered the U.S. in 2003. He was arrested by Customs and Border Protection then and was detained at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Los Fresnos, Texas. Later that year, he was released on bond. An immigration judge ruled in 2004 that Campos be removed from the country, despite his not showing up to court that day.

Campos was later arrested and convicted three times between 2005 and 2008 for driving while intoxicated. On the third instance, he gave law enforcement a fake name and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Following his release, Campos was turned over to ICE and deported back to Brazil in 2009.

Just last month, on Oct. 23, Campos illegally reentered the U.S. near Hidalgo, Texas. He was arrested by Border Patrol agents and turned over to ICE. On Nov. 23, Campos was taken to a local hospital due to chest pains. He was then transported to another hospital due to a life-threatening condition, but doctors were unable to stabilize him.

On Sunday morning, a 36-year-old Guatemalan woman died at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center near Phoenix. Raquel Calderon de Hidalgo passed away following repeated seizures. A medical examiner will perform an autopsy on the woman's body as part of federal protocol.

Calderon was arrested near Robles Junction in Arizona by Border Patrol agents on Nov. 17. The following week she was transferred to ICE custody and had been awaiting deportation to Guatemala.

Federal agents have notified consular officials from both women's countries about the deaths.