Two groups of firefighters, paramedics and technical rescue team members have been recognized in Prince George's County for their work in rescuing people whose lives were in danger.

The groups were honored by the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department with Unit Citations -- the highest awards that groups can receive for their combined actions during incidents in which emergency personnel have to work together in life-or-death situations, county fire officials said.

One of the incidents for which emergency personnel were recognized was a June 2012 water rescue near the 38th Street Bridge in Mount Rainier. Fire/EMS units that responded to the incident found three teenagers who were stranded in the middle of a swift-moving waterway that was about 100 feet wide.

Firefighters decided to remove the teenagers from the water by using a system of ropes and pulleys that would raise the teens to the top of the bridge. Rescuers were able to remove all three of the teens from the water, officials said.

The other group that received a Unit Citation was involved in a confined-space rescue in an industrial area in Laurel. In that April 2012 incident, emergency personnel rescued a mulch plant worker who had become trapped in a piece of machinery that is used to inject dye into mulch.

The rescue was complicated and required Fire/EMS personnel to perform a number of tasks, officials said. It took emergency personnel about 90 minutes to free the plant worker, who is making a full recovery.