White House press secretary Jay Carney said the administration still lacks enough information to draw a conclusion about the reason why a Malaysia Airlines jetliner has gone missing.

“I can tell you that we do not have enough information, and this was the case yesterday, to comment on the causes of this incident,” Carney told a reporter at a regular daily press briefing Tuesday.

Carney was responding to questions about news that two men traveling with stolen passports on the missing jetliner were Iranians and purchased tickets to Europe.

Speculation about terrorism has died down after international authorities have said they believed the two men probably are not terrorists.

Interpol released a photo of the two Iranians traveling with stolen passports on the missing jetliner. Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble told the Associated Press Tuesday that the pair traveled to Malaysia on Iranian passports then appeared to change to the stolen Austrian and Italian documents.

Noble also said newly uncovered information about the men made terrorism a less likely cause of the plane's mysterious disappearance.

Debris from a plane crash has yet to be discovered, and authorities are focusing on a range of possible reasons for its disappearance, including pilot error, technical problems with the plane, hijacking and terrorism.