Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, joined droves of Washingtonians on Twitter Monday in support of local car service Uber. The company had launched an online campaign against a D.C. Council bill that would have set a base fare for Uber rides at five times that of taxis. After thousands of emails and calls poured into the council, Mary Cheh pulled the amendment related to Uber from the bill on Tuesday.

"I appreciate the councilwoman pulling them back," Chaffetz, a self-described "big fan" of Uber, told Yeas & Nays. His stance is part free-market principle ("competition makes everybody better") but mostly, Chaffetz wants to have a ride when taxis are in short supply.

"If I walk outside the Capitol and there's a taxi, great," he said. "But if it's raining or it's late at night, there's nothing better than Uber." The freshman member of the House doesn't have a car and typically gets around town on Metro or his bike. He learned about the car service from a member of his staff and is now preaching the Uber gospel to his fellow members.

Chaffetz describes his interaction with the D.C. Council as "little to none" and learned about the Uber drama the same way D.C. locals did: Twitter. His tweeting in support of Uber was done as a resident of the city. "We're some of the local people, for the time," he said.