The Kansas City Chiefs ruled quarterback Matt Cassel out for Sunday's game because of a concussion he suffered in the fourth quarter of last Sunday's loss to the Ravens. Cassel spent little time at the practice facility this week, and it's unclear how long he will be out. He will have to pass several tests in order for doctors to clear him to play.

An athlete missing extended time after a concussion is nothing new in the NFL. Players' careers have come to an end after suffering numerous head injuries.

But the reaction Cassel received from his home crowd after the injury was something new and something that should never happen again.

There were cheers throughout Arrowhead Stadium as trainers raced on the field to address the Chiefs' injured quarterback. The applause from the crowd fueled a postgame rant by a sickened Eric Winston.

The league has made head injuries a main focus in its effort to address players' safety.

With medical studies, severe penalties for hits to the head and concussion lawsuits from former players, fans are well aware of how these big hits we used to love can affect a player later in life.

The increased information released about the effects of concussions has made watching football uneasy at times.

The fact that it's not all that surprising that Cassel will be out Sunday makes the acts of those fans at Arrowhead Stadium even more inexcusable.

- Jeffrey Tomik