GPI Design's DURA-Lite line of translucent wood veneer laminated panels add a luminous and elegant touch to cabinets and doors and even can be used as wall applications or decoration. The company's Thomas Lawrence said its closely held manufacturing process works with many different types of wood, which are milled to less than a half-millimeter thick, or "thinner than your fingernail," laminated between two glass panels and then given a special light-emitting diode backlighting system.

The thinness of the wood, combined with the lighting, highlights the wood grain, imperfections and texture to create an organically beautiful design for furniture or walls.

The design-build company, with its U.S. headquarters in Cleveland, does its manufacturing overseas. The cost of the wood panels depends on the type and availability of the wood, Lawrence said. Readily available oak, maple and walnut can run from $150 to $200 per square foot, but more exotic woods can hit $500 per square foot.

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