States that voted for President Trump continue to see better job growth than ones that didn't, data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show.

Job growth in red states clocked a 1 percent annual rate in the first four months of Trump's presidency, according to Indeed economist Jed Kolko, versus 0.8 percent in blue states.

The trend is a continuation from the last four months of former President Barack Obama's tenure. Then, red state job growth was 1.9 percent in the 30 states that Trump won, versus 1.6 percent in Clinton states.

The recent good fortunes of red states is a reversal from previous years. For most of 2015 and 2016, blue-state job growth outstripped that of red states, according to Kolko.

Friday's data go through May and show that unemployment has dropped in most states over the past year. Colorado has the lowest unemployment in the country, at 2.3 percent. Arkansas, Mississippi, Oregon and Washington are all enjoying the lowest unemployment rates for their states on record.

At the city level, Provo, Utah, has had the strongest job growth over the past year, at 4.6 percent. Orlando, Fla., Nashville, Ogden, Utah, and Boise, Idaho, round out the top five.