The unemployment rate dipped slightly in the District, Maryland and Virginia in November, the federal government said Friday.

In its monthly report of the jobless rate, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the figure had fallen by 1/10th of a percentage point in each jurisdiction.

The District's unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent, Maryland's dipped to 6.6 percent and Virginia's moved to 5.6 percent.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray hailed the improvement and noted the District was nearing the national unemployment average of 7.7 percent after years of recording some of America's highest jobless rates.

"The District's unemployment rate continues to decline, and we continue to approach the nation's overall unemployment rate," Gray said in a statement. "But we will continue our efforts."

Maryland's labor secretary said the state's efforts to develop its workforce were paying dividends with a lower unemployment rate.

"We are determined, and we remain focused on accelerating our job growth and recovering the jobs that were lost during the national economic recession," Leonard Howie said in a statement. "Our investments in skills development and education are helping to put more Marylanders back to work."

And in Richmond, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell posted on Twitter that the improvement in the Old Dominion was "good news" but that the state had "much work still to do."SClB