There he goes again. MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews on Thursday night went off on “people on the American right”  who “hate” President Obama, this time suggesting race is the motivator.

“Let me finish tonight with this. I said it before and I’m now saying it again: There are too many people on the American right who hate the very notion of Barack Obama in the White House. It grates on them, just as it thrills, even now, tens of millions of others. They hate not just his politics, but him.

"Think about all the days we have known him, from way back when he gave that breathtaking speech to the 2004 convention. Was there ever a time in all the days and weeks and months and years since that his haters on the right have stopped in their tracks and said, ‘Well, good for him. I like the way he did that.’ Think hard. Have his haters ever stopped hating him? When we got bin Laden, when the stock market doubled, doubling every 401k, making all those haters richer, twice as rich as they were when Bush left us stranded with a drooping, scary economy.

“Did they ever look up and say, even hesitantly, ‘Well, I’ll give him this one.’ No, no, no. You can discount it all. You can say it’s not about race or whatever. You can say it. But think about this: In all the criticisms from the haters about African-Americans generally, all the years of your life, and think about this man’s life, about how hard he has worked, how he’s achieved so highly at school, how he has married so well and so faithfully, how he has fathered two great daughters and kept them protected, protected them, been a truly great father to them, been a true partner in his marriage, treated his office with such respect and dignity, has never once let us down with his personal behavior, and yet they hate him.

“They really do. And I don’t have to be the one to tell you, we live in a country where a good chunk of the country hates its elected president, and won’t really, I mean really, tell you why. It's the same reason they spend their time thinking of clever gimmicks to keep so many people from voting. Anybody disagree?”

The rant was caught by the conservative Media Research Center, prompting MRC Vice President Brent Baker to tell Secrets: “Just because conservatives don’t get a thrill up their legs every time they see Barack Obama or hear his voice as Matthews admits he does, does not mean we are driven by racism. Maybe we’re just turned off by the condescending arrogance demonstrated by Matthews and his hero Obama.”

He added: “And when did liberals ever stop hating George W. Bush?”