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The goal of ObamaCare is to cover the uninsured. The effect of ObamaCare so far seems to be un-insuring those already covered and then re-enrolling some of them. A pair of new surveys say that the years-long effort to get Americans without health coverage to sign up for ObamaCare has fallen flat. A study by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. says that of the millions of Americans who have signed up for insurance under ObamaCare, only about a quarter were previously uninsured. Why? A study by the left-leaning Urban Institute says that only one in 10 of those without insurance enrolled as of last month and that nearly a quarter of those eligible to enroll had never heard of the program.

[“That's not a data point that we are really collecting in any sort of systematic way.” – Gary Cohen of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services when asked by insurers how many of the enrollees were previously uninsured, via National Journal]

Self-destruct cycle - The McKinsey study found that the main reason uninsured Americans who knew about the program weren’t signing up was that they believed they could not afford the benefits. This is part of a self-destruct cycle for ObamaCare. The more delays the president enacts in a bid to save his law, the more distorted the insurance marketplace is likely to become. The pressure is growing on Obama delay the looming punishment for those fail to comply by the end of this month. He is so far refusing Democratic pleas for mercy, knowing that such a delay would cause insurance costs to soar even higher as the industry tried to accommodate new, expensive ObamaCare beneficiaries without the policy checks from the million or more healthy, less expensive consumers who actuaries say will sign up to avoid the penalties. If Americans are shunning ObamaCare because it is too expensive now, imagine what will happen if that kind of rate spike come into play.

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