The Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s largest labor groups, issued a statement today applauding the introduction of the Senate immigration but saying the bill needs to go even further. SEIU, whose membership is heavily Latino, has been a major advocate of comprehensive immigration reform.

In a statement emailed to reporters, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said (the passage below was cut and pasted directly from the press release):

Today’s announcement Real (sic) Creates hope for the vast majority of Americans who think it is time for commonsense immigration reform and for the millions of hardworking families who live every day in fear of being torn apart at any moment. This bill would Provide a roadmap to citizenship, protect workers and transform the lives of 11 million aspiring Americans by bringing them out of the shadows so They Can Contribute fully to our shared future.

While this bill dealer (sic) to an initial compromise, we are Encouraged by This progress and look forward to working With The Senate, the House and the President to making (sic) improvements to it on its way to becoming law. Americans are ready for immigration reform. The time is now to get it done. (Emphasis added)

SEIU’s Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina said (This statement was also taken verbatim from the press release):

We thank the bipartisan group of Senators who Introduced this bill today for Their leadership commonsense (sic) That has made immigration reform a national priority. Their hard work has paid off with a bill That sets the stage for a discussion over how we can produce a bipartisan solution That honors our American values and Strengthens our economy. This legislation is long overdue and there is no question That our immigration system is broken.

Going forward, SEIU members are Committed to making sure Members of Congress Strengthen That (sic) this bill so That It not only addresses border security acerca (sic) Concerns, But Also Creates a clear roadmap to citizenship and Enables 11 million Americans to truly aspiring (sic) Become part of the fabric of our society.  (Emphasis added.)

There is growing consensus to fix our system Once and for all. Commonsense immigration reform is the right thing to do for America, our economy, our communities and for workers. Let’s get it done now.

The references to making improvements and strengthening bill are clear indications that they hope to liberalize it further as it moves through the Senate.