Obamacare still needs some fixes until it reaches what Unite Here calls its "full potential," and the union wants to make sure that they happen.

Unite Here, which represents more than 270,000 hospitality workers throughout the country, launched a website Tuesday aptly called Obamacarefixit.org.

With a homepage titled "Fixing Obamacare: An Honest Discussion," the new website will "provide in-depth white papers analyzing key issues and a blog that will examine issues that remain to be fixed if Obamacare is to live up to its full, intended potential," according to Donald Taylor's Huffington Post op-ed Tuesday.

Taylor, known as "D," has been the president of Unite Here since November 2012.

"The launch of this website is a modest step to give voice to commonsense fixes that must be made to make Obamacare work for more Americans," Taylor writes.

Unite Here has a 527 group that has exclusively supported Democrats running for office, according to OpenSecrets.org.