Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen told reporters Tuesday he had no hope that the Supreme Court would rule in President Obama's favor regarding recess nominees.

"The Supreme Court won't take that up until the fall and answer it until next year. There is no reason to believe — with this court — that recess appointments will be permitted," Cohen said in a conference call.

The union leader said that made it all the more important to put pressure on the Senate, especially Republicans, to approve the White House's nominees.

The high court case Cohen was referring to is Noel Canning v. National Labor Relations Board. The case addresses the constitutionality of President Obama's nominees to the agency. Obama invoked a presidential power to appoint people when the Senate is not in session to place three people on the NLRB in 2012 despite the fact that the Senate was not technically in recess at the time.

An appeals court threw invalidated the appointments earlier this year. The ruling effectively shut down the NLRB since it now lacks a valid quorum.