The 23-year-old University of Maryland graduate student who killed one of his roommates, wounded another and then killed himself early Tuesday briefly worked for the campus police, the Associated Press reported Wednesday night.

Dayvon Maurice Green worked as a police auxiliary officer for two weeks in the fall, according to the AP, and he was fired after twice failing to show up for work.

Auxiliary officers do not carry badges or guns.

A law enforcement source familiar with the case told The Washington Examiner that Green suffered from schizophrenia. His family told police that Green had suffered from mental illness for at least a year and that he had been prescribed medication.

One of the victims, 22-year-old Stephen Alex Rane, of Silver Spring, died. The other victim, identified in media reports as 22-year-old Neal Oa, was shot in the leg and has been released from the hospital. Oa's stepfather told the AP that Oa plans to return to school. - Naomi Jagoda and Scott McCabe