Willie Robertson, the so-called "Duck Commander" and star boss on the hit A&E show "Duck Dynasty," said that he plans to look at a run for a Louisiana House seat being vacated by a friend, Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander.

Cautioning that he is busy as CEO of "Duck Commander" and "Buck Commander," suppliers of hunting gear and game calls, and just beginning a fourth season of the reality show, Robertson said he wants to help the country "anyway I can."

Secrets first reported that Washington GOP consultants were eager to recruit Robertson to join the expected field, who will face-off in a special election likely later this year in Louisiana. Alexander, who is joining the cabinet of Gov. Bobby Jindal, plans to retire in late September. The buzz in Washington about the "Draft Willie" movement even prompted CNN to produce a story on Robertson's appeal as a candidate.

After hearing that Robertson is interested in at least taking a look at a campaign, the Washington consultants said they would step up their efforts to convince him that he should run. "We are reaching out to Willie and have not given up," said one consultant of the recruitment effort. Indeed, a prominent campaign consultant has reached out to Willie and wants to explain the mechanics of a campaign so Willie has the information he needs to make an educated decision

"Of course, a decision to run for Congress is a big decision and would have implications for his family life, his business interests and his A&E commitments. So no one expects a rush decision," said the GOP source.

Robertson's company and show is based in Monroe, La., the center of Alexander's 5th Congressional District.

He spoke to KNOE 8 News Wednesday night after returning from New York where he was promoting the fourth season of Duck Dynasty, which began Wednesday.

He told KNOE, "I just heard I was running for Congress it was news to me. I mean I don't rule anything out, but at this time I am probably too busy to make a run for that but hopefully I will have a chance to talk to Rodney [Alexander] about it, look who all is running, see what's happening. But I love the country I want to help out anyway I can. But I just don't know if I can help in that way at this time."

KNOE news producer Brandon Rodgers told Secrets that the call of hunting, the TV show and the family company will probably be too hard for Robertson to leave on a spur-of-the-moment decision to run for Congress.

"I think the reality of a run by Willie Robertson sounds more a storyline for Duck Dynasty. I'm sure A&E would love the storyline, and is loving the unexpected news press," said Rodgers. "When he talked to us about the run, while sounding mildly political, I think he's more likely to stick to the duck calls and a $200,000 he and his family will make for each show."

A congressional salary pays $174,000.

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.