Officials at the State Department are expected to release a final environmental analysis of the Keystone XL pipeline Friday - a report expected to disappoint environmentalists.

The report is expected β€œto be similar to past studies from the State Department, which found that the pipeline would pose few significant environmental risks,” according to Politico.

This would not be the first study to show that the pipeline would have minimal – if any – effect on the environment, despite continued opposition from environmentalists. In March, the State Department released a draft study that also found the pipeline to have minimal effects on the environment. The report to be released Friday is the final version.

But it's not the last step before forcing President Obama to approve the pipeline. The State Department still needs to determine if the pipeline would be in the U.S. national interest.

Creating jobs, increasing the oil supply and potentially reducing gas prices and greenhouse gases? How could it not be?

Update, 4:15pm: As expected, the State Department released its report, which confirms the Keystone XL pipeline as an environmentally safe project.