Actor Kirk Cameron is well-known for being a devoted born-again Christian who makes movies -- some cheesy, some actually not so bad. So why does YouTube keep taking down this trailer for Cameron's latest flick, "Unstoppable"?

This has all the markings of the growing willingness of many lights of the digital culture to praise the First Amendment and freedom of speecha and religion -- until an articulate, intelligent Christian celebrity exercises his or her First Amendment rights.

Todd Starnes has more.

UPDATE: YouTube asked for an explanation

As Beltway Confidential readers can see, YouTube is again censoring the Kirk Cameron movie trailer. The Washington Examiner has asked the media relations office of YouTube to provide an explanation of why this has been done. As soon as a response is received, it will be posted here as an additional update.

Here is the text of the Examiner's request:


"When our readers click on the YouTube video embedded in this post on our news site, they are told you have removed it as a result of your policy concerning "spam, scams and commercially deceptive content."

"We are seeking an official explanation of what specific parts of the Cameron trailer constitute spam, scams or commercially deceptive content, the name and contact information of the YouTube employee who evaluated the trailer and the name and contact information of the YouTube employee who made the decision to censor the trailer.

"We are interested only in an on-the-record response, which will be included in further coverage by the Washington Examiner of this issue."