Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced Thursday that the first-ever cargo of U.S. crude oil has arrived in India, reaffirming the goals of the president's energy dominance agenda.

Perry said the new "collaborative work" on energy between the two countries will increase jobs, economic stability, and national security.

"This event represents the growing energy partnership between the U.S. and India, and I look forward to exploring new opportunities to expand the role of reliable, responsible, and efficient energy sources with our allies," said Perry.

The first shipment arrived in India on Oct. 2. Perry said the flow of oil to the country was the result of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit with President Trump. Soon after that visit, "Indian companies ramped up purchases of U.S. crude," the Energy Department said Thursday.

The Energy Department said to expect shipments to increase from ports in Louisiana and Texas.

The president's energy dominance agenda calls for producing more oil and natural gas in the U.S., while also shipping more of it abroad.

India in particular offers a geopolitical dimension to the oil shipments because it's a huge market for oil and a prime recipient of crude from Iran. Last week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said the energy dominance agenda would consider using U.S. oil to supplant Iran's oil wealth in order to block its funding of terrorism and nuclear weapons development.

"Iran is a grave threat. And it is better to have options to address Iran economically and not just militarily," he said.

Zinke said U.S. "economic leverage" would work to "supplant every drop of crude that Iran produces ... and energy dominance is part of that."