There will be a ban of laptops being allowed in the cabin on all flights from Europe to the U.S., according to a report.

European officials told the Daily Beast that the announcement of the ban will come on Thursday.

The Trump administration in March banned laptops in carry-on bags from 10 airports in eight Middle Eastern and African countries. A report from CNN explained traced that announcement to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies being concerned about terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State, developing the capability to implant explosives into laptops in a way that can evade airport security screening.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, the Homeland Security Department said it has not made any final decisions on requiring all computers being check into baggage for U.S.-bound flights from Europe.

"No final decisions have been made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration. DHS continues to evaluate the threat environment and will make changes when necessary to keep air travelers safe," the statement read.

The report notes that the ban could exacerbate fears about laptops and tablets not being allowed in the cabin. Some of these devices' batteries have a history of catching fire, and if they were placed in cargo hold instead, they would be in a place where flight attendants would not be able to put out the flames should the plane's automatic fire suppression systems prove ineffective.