Those chants of USA heard at the Olympics and during President Trump’s State of the Union Address are real, with a majority of the country in a new poll saying that they are “proud” of America.

The Zogby Poll just provided to Secrets found that 52 percent are “proud,” 33 percent are “ashamed,” and the rest don’t know.

Among those driving the “proud” numbers are Hispanics, said the analysis. Of all ethnicities surveyed, they were the most proud, at 56 percent, followed by whites at 55 percent.

Among African Americans, meanwhile, more said they were “ashamed” than “proud,” 43 percent to 37 percent.

The poll is the latest portrayal of a politically divided nation and the split over Trump. In general, those who support the president are more proud of the the nation than those who are not.

For example, just 27 percent of younger voters feel “proud,” while 53 percent say they are “ashamed.”

The latest Zogby Poll.

Ditto for Democrats and liberals. Among Democrats, 48 percent feel “ashamed,” and among liberals it rises to 55 percent “ashamed.”

But 75 percent of Republicans are “proud.”

According to the polling analysis, “It must be noted that a majority of most groups said they were proud of the United States, but there is a political divide in the data. Trump's base was more proud, while groups that are typically Democratic Party supporters are less enthusiastic about the state of the country. How we as a country bridge this divide is anyone's guess at the moment.”

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