Keeping track of time is an issue for the U.S. Postal Service — and it's costing the agency almost $19 million annually.

The Postal Service's inspector general released a report Wednesday critical of how the employees of the agency's Rural Delivery Operations record the hours they work daily.

The process the Postal Service uses to track the carriers' work hours is inefficient and redundant, according to the IG. Because of its labor-intensive layout, it's also quite vulnerable to recording errors.

A survey done by IG found that almost 70 percent of workers want the process to be automated. An automated timekeeping system would not only "improve operational oversight and supervisor productivity," but it would save the Postal Service about $18.8 million annually, according to the IG.

Postal Service management agreed to develop a new automated timekeeping process, but disagreed with the monetary impact it would have.

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