Utah warned families aiming to use the Children’s Health Insurance Program that it will run out of funding by February if Congress doesn’t act.

Utah said in a notice on its state CHIP page Friday that it has enough money that it didn’t use in prior years to continue offering insurance coverage until probably Jan. 31.

The state’s department of health said it would send families a letter telling them when their coverage is going to end.

“If Utah CHIP coverage ends, many of the children will be eligible for coverage on the federal exchange,” the state said, referring to the state’s Obamacare exchange.

Utah is the second state this week to warn families of the potential loss of services. Colorado sent an official notice on Monday that families on CHIP might need to consider private insurance if funding doesn’t come through.

Senate GOP leadership is considering adding a reauthorization of the CHIP program in an end-of-year spending package. The program expired Sept. 30.

The House passed its own CHIP reauthorization bill last month, but it included funding offsets that Democrats objected to. Those include offsets that raised premiums on wealthy Medicare seniors and raiding an Obamacare disease prevention fund.

Federal and state governments have been scrambling to prop up CHIP programs while Congress delays action on funding. The Trump administration is using a national redistribution fund that has unused CHIP funding from prior years as a stopgap for states.