Erich Reimer wants to make University of Virginia Law great again. He wants to build a wall between the law school and the business school. UVA Law just doesn't win anymore.

"Let's be honest, when Main Grounds sends its people, they aren't sending their best and brightest," the second year law student complains in a Donald Trump-themed campaign for the school's student council.

"They come here and take our free coffee at MyLab and hog group study tables," Reimer, 25, says. "And some, I assume, are good people."

UVA called its campus "Grounds." Reimer even sports a blue suit jacket and red hat emblazoned, "MAKE UVA LAW GREAT AGAIN." He's even self-funding.

Reimer lays out several policy proposals on his Facebook event page, "Erich Reimer for SBA Vice-President and Student Council Representative to Main Grounds."

"As for the new alcohol policy? Just terrible. I'll renegotiate it and replace it with something terrific," Reimer says.

"And let's not even get started about Darden and how they're taking all of our jobs," Reimer says, speaking of the school's business program. "When did we last beat Darden at anything? We don't win anymore. But we're finally going to start winning again."

"We have tremendous, great, wonderful people. Let's Make UVA Law Great Again! It can happen. I promise you that," Reimer pitches.

"We lose to Darden. We lose to Main Grounds. Our softball teams are being left behind. Our outline banks aren't being taken of," Reimer says.

Reimer even highlights that he shares an alma mater with the Republican front-runner, University of Pennsylvania, and took classes at the Wharton School Business, which Trump often reminds interviewers he attended.

"I went to Penn where I took classes at the Wharton School of Business. That's like, a really tough school to get into," Reimer said.

Like Trump, Reimer hails from New York.

Trump is famously fond of the polls. Reimer also appears to be conducting his own private poll of the election on a Google doc on his Facebook page. Maybe he'll soon be trumpeting his early performance.

Reimer told the Washington Examiner that his campaign is a lark aimed at spicing up the UVA election.

"The 'Make UVA Law Great Again' campaign was an idea me and a few friends at the law school thought would add some fun to what otherwise might be a very unnoticeable and stale student government campaign season here at the law school."

One twist: Reimer supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich, not Trump, for president.

The student lists "5th Congressional District Coordinator, Virginia at Kasich for America" as a job on his Facebook page, and has advocated for the Ohio governor in the pages of the Cavalier Daily, a UVA student newspaper.

"I did support Donald Trump during the summer last year," Reimer told the Examiner. "However after several other candidates joined the race I ended up moving to support Governor John Kasich."

"My 'Make UVA Law Great Again' campaign is in no way affiliated with the Kasich campaign," Reimer noted.