Did you forget your sweetheart today? If so, don't fret, because the U.S Forest Service has you covered.

Just say all along you planned to take her to a forest, a lake, or a park. She’ll love it.

“Let a photograph or video be the record of your everlasting love,” wrote Kathyrn Sosbe, a public affairs specialist for the Forest Service, in a blog post.

But, Sosbe was quick to note, “[p]lease do not carve your names into a tree or other object or in another way deface the beauty of our national forests and grasslands.”

Heaven forbid!

I actually applaud Sosbe for coming up with such a clever post promoting our nation’s parks. Among the love-themed places she suggests visiting? Love Lake in the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado and Heart Rock in the San Bernardino National Forest in California.

But for those being pressured to produce a diamond, Sosbe suggests visiting Diamond Lake in the Umpqua National Forest in Oregon.

Did your sweetie leave you? You could spend your Valentine’s Day at Heartbreak Ridge in the Superior National Forest in Minnesota. Or for those celebrating Single’s Awareness Day because Cupid’s arrow missed them, a visit to Double Arrow Lookout in the Lolo National Forest in Montana might do the trick.

Sosbe also explains that “[n]o Valentine’s Day is complete without a special hug. And when it comes to special hugs, there is no better bear hug than from our own Smokey Bear.”

Note: Please do not hug bears you find in the woods.