White House Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett wants women to get the men in their lives to sign up for Obamacare.

"We know that women also have the ability to encourage the men in their lives, whether it’s brothers, sons, husbands, friends. So women’s reach extends beyond themselves," she explained in a special interview published in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

During the interview, Jarrett acknowledged that more women were signing up for Obamacare than men.

"That should be no surprise!" she noted. "Women are very responsible, particularly younger women."

Jarret reminded women readers that contraception was free under the plan.

"All insurance plans are required to cover contraception without a copay — for free. Free!" she announced.

Jarrett reminded women that if their preferred "brand" of birth control wasn't covered, there might be a way to get it anyway.

"Women should talk to their insurance company about which brands are covered," she says. "And if your doctor thinks you need a particular brand but it’s not on your plan, then the insurance company has to cover that, too."