Democratic activist Van Jones and his group "Rebuild the Dream" is calling on the government to attack the rich and "Foreclose on the 1 percent."

But in helping President Obama assail the wealthy and pressure House Republicans, Jones is taking an unusual path--through artwork.

"If we're going to end this fiscal madness and start rebuilding America, we're going to have to get creative," he said in an email announcing his newest project, "ARTSTRIKE." The plan: use original artwork and posters to challenge the "fiscal bluff" and cheer taxes on the rich and jeer GOP calls for spending cuts.

He called for artwork and has already received several posters. One reads: "Foreclose on the 1%. Tax the rich, no more cuts." Another says, "You are being robbed. Tax the rich."

"The wealthiest Americans, the ones who have done well IN America, should now do well BY America -- and pay the country back," said Jones.

"The so-called 'fiscal cliff' is actually a fiscal bluff -- a manufactured crisis that has tricked too many people into thinking that America's government is out of money and out of time. We keep hearing that America is broke,' and it sometimes it makes us feel like we can't fix our nation's problems," Jones emailed.

"Don't believe the hype. America is the richest country in the history of the world."