Vanity Fair made some jokes about Hillary Clinton this week that were so lukewarm they would get cut from a nursing home comedy roast. But nothing short of breathless praise is acceptable to her defenders, and so the magazine received a torrent of vitriol.

As part of a series ribbing several public figures, the outlet published a one-minute video in which staffers provided six satirical New Year's resolutions for Clinton. It was about as funny as a middle school stand-up routine. Nevertheless, the clip was enough to earn dramatic condemnation as a "repulsive cheap shot" at "one of the most accomplished women in the history of the United States." HuffPost has a good roundup of those reactions here.

One (female) Vanity Fair writer's passing suggestion that Clinton take up knitting as a hobby in 2018, along with volunteer work and improv comedy, was denounced as sexism.

The entire battle is really just another clash that social media mobs managed to elevate to some level of import. But since we're already here, the story can also serve as a fun reminder that Clinton's devoted allies have absolutely no tolerance for criticism, even of the gentlest nature. Gentler than a Jay Leno monologue. Gentler than ultra soft Kleenex. Gentler than a P.E. teacher's constructive criticism of your kickball fielding.

Of course, the notion promoted by her defenders that Clinton is above criticism probably fuels at least some of her unpopularity, aggravating people with reasonable complaints. But, hey, they're probably just sexist, right?