The actor who plays fictional press secretary Mike McLintock on HBO's "Veep" said despite being "terrible," his character on the show is still better than White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

"It's sort of misfortune that I've been a terrible press secretary for six years and then lo and behold, the embodiment of that takes the office in real life," actor Matt Walsh said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday. "I honestly feel like at the podium, Mike is better than our current press secretary."

Walsh criticized Spicer for his hostility toward the media on his first day on the job and said early into his tenure as White House press secretary people were saying Spicer was "worse than McLintock."

President Trump is reportedly weighing a shake-up of his communications team, including Spicer, after the president was unhappy with the White House's response to media reports related to the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

When asked to offer advice to Spicer on how he could save his job, Walsh said he should throw in the towel.

"I've been asked a lot about Spicer in the last month, and I always just say he should quit. He should quit his job for his own dignity and his own sanity," Walsh said. "It's not going to get better and you're not going your life any favors working for that administration. Get out of politics until this administration leaves."

Walsh has spent six seasons playing McLintock, a "grumpy" character who has a "dark cloud" following him around. The satirical show focuses on the antics of Selina Meyer, played by Julia-Louis Dreyfus, and her staff.