Where there's a large crowd, there's opportunistic entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck and Monday's inauguration is no different.

Hundreds of vendors are lined up around the mall and outside Metro stations greeting visitors with memorabilia for sale. There are the expected t-shirts and buttons, but some have gone the creative route, selling everything from tote bags and sun glasses and homemade art.

For $10, attendees can buy one of James Teal's silk screen American flags with President Obama's face on it. The Arlington native said he bought them from a Florida website.

Though he didn't get there early enough to snag a spot right by Metro station stairs, Teal was thrilled to just to be there for the festivities.

"To me this is way more historical than the first one," Teal said. "For him to win a second term when so many people didn't want him there is very significant to me as an African American."