The man who is one of President Trump's candidates for U.S. attorney in Vermont has been leading the charge against Jane Sanders and co-chaired the Trump campaign in the Green Mountain State.

Brady Toensing, a lawyer, serves as the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican Party and has spent many years attacking Democrats and progressives in Vermont, according to the Boston Globe

In 2016, Toensing co-chaired the Trump campaign in the state and is now one of at least two candidates in the running to become Vermont's U.S. attorney, the Boston Globe reported.

Toensing, 49, began conducting opposition research on Jane Sanders in 2014, long before her husband, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would run for president.

More than one year later, Toensing filed a complaint with Vermont's U.S. attorney and requested an investigation into Jane Sanders, whom he alleged committed bank fraud.

Toensing accused Sanders, former president of Burlington College, of misleading a bank into financing the purchase of a 33-acre parcel of land to expand the college's campus in 2010 and alleged Sanders exaggerated potential donations to the college to get the loan.

Now, the Justice Department is investigating whether Sanders committed bank fraud, and the FBI has been contacting people connected to the college.

Sanders eventually resigned from her position at Burlington College in 2011, and Burlington College closed last year.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, she criticized Toensing for going after her husband.

"I find it incredibly sexist that basically he's going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that's not OK," Sanders told the Boston Globe.

Toensing said he just wants politicians and their families to be treated the same as everyone else.

"My goal is for a full, fair, and impartial investigation — that's all I care about," he told the Boston Globe. "That people be treated the same regardless of status in this system."